October 2017 - October 2019

European Old Masters

From religious devotion to artistic discovery, 1300 - 1700

The images in this gallery cover a significant period in the history of Western art, from the early Renaissance to the Baroque, and are often described as ‘Old Masters’. During this time, concepts of religion, philosophy and science changed dramatically. Against a backdrop of wars, trade and exploration, European artists explored in their pictures an ever wider range of subjects and styles – for public and domestic display.

Saint Jerome in a Landscape
MANSUETI, Giovanni di Niccolò
Oil on canvas


ArtBox is designed for people living with dementia who are spending time in a care home or hospital.

Created by a team from Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, it was part of a project focused on the loan of St Luke Drawing the Virgin and Child by Dieric Bouts using a story/memory box and handling collections.

It is meant to be playful and to bring out your creative side and is designed for all ages.

Here you can listen to the Spotify playlist of music, designed to be experienced with Artbox. Get in touch if you have any questions about ArtBox.