The environmental crisis. How did we get here?


Vandana Shiva, environmental activist, writer

“Limitless extraction from nature to make money is at the root of ecological catastrophe”

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Humans have caused almost 100% of global warming.

Source: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, 2021

The world's richest 10% produce around 50% of climate-harming fossil-fuel emissions. The world's poorest 50% produce around 10%.

Source: Oxfam

The 20 richest billionaires emit 8,000 times more carbon than 1 billion poorest.

Source: Oxfam

Between 1988 and 2015, 100 companies were responsible for 71% of global greenhouse-gas emissions.

Source: Full Fact

573 new billionaires have emerged during the coronavirus pandemic. According to Oxfam, the pandemic is “the best time in recorded history” for the billionaire class.