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Reflections on the Bristol School

In 2021, many of the paintings in our Bristol School gallery went on loan the Musée des Beaux Arts in Bordeaux. We replaced them with work produced by art on referral groups from across Bristol. Art on referral supports positive mental wellbeing through art.

The original Bristol School artists’ work echoed the key issues of the 1800s. They celebrated the natural environment, questioned social inequality and reflected on grand Biblical themes. How do modern Bristolians see these subjects today? The groups responded to the absent pictures and their themes in any style they liked.

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Drawing of a hand drawing a portrait of Desi Roots

The Works

On the left you can see the original painting and on the right you can see the modern day response.

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Painting of an interior crowd scene

Edward Bird - The Reading of the Will Concluded

Painting of forest fire

Art Shed - The Will of the Earth

Painting of man reading to woman

Edward Bird - Expounding the Scriptures

Painting of a man reading while a woman listens to music

Mary Rutt - Difference of Opinion

Painting of man painting at easle

Edward Villiers Rippingille - Portrait of Edward Bird, R.A.

Drawing of a hand drawing a portrait of Desi Roots

Miss Roots - Portrait of a Rootsman AKA Desmond Murray

Painting of Princess Caraboo

Edward Bird - Princess Caraboo

Photo of hand drawing in community art class

Response to Princess Caraboo was unfinished...

Painting of crowd

Edward Bird - The Embarkation of Louis XVIII at Dover  

Collage of drawings showing contemporary Bristol

Wednesday Art Ease, Knowle West - The Last Bus

Painting of a village square with crowd

Edward Villiers Rippingille - The Recruiting Party  

Painting and collage based on Bristol School paintings

Ronstatstill - The Village - Ye Olde Graphic Novel

Painting of woodland scene with river

Francis Danby - View of the Avon Gorge 

Abstract painting of storm

Anonymous - Untitled

Painting of woodland scene with rock

Francis Danby - Clifton Rocks from Rownham Fields

Painting of woodland scene with river

Brian Harding and Maria Hueston - Monkey Business

Painting of woodland scene with couple

Francis Danby - A Scene in Leigh Woods 

Painting of woodland scene

Jean Osley - Not Seen in Leigh Woods

Painting of the Avon from the Downs, Bristol

James Baker Pyne - View of the Avon from Durdham Down

Paiting and collage of activities on the Downs, Bristol

Art Shed at M Shed group - Where Dur you come from?

Painting of Bristol street scene

Rolinda Sharples - The Stoppage of the Bank

Collage of political protest on Park St, Bristol

Dawn E - The Bank Crash to Discontent of the Times

Painting of fantasy landscape

Samuel Colman - A Romantic Landscape with the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

Fantasy view of lake and mountains

Indie Arts Knowle West - Fantasy Land

Painting of Rolinda Sharples painting with mother watching

Rolinda Sharples - The Artist and her Mother

Collage of Rolinda Sharples paintings

Heather Fry - Modern Youth

Painting of party

Rolinda Sharples - The Cloak-Room, Clifton Assembly Rooms

Painting and collage of party in historic ballroom

Art Shed (Blaise) Group - Putting on the Ritz

Painting of man with cello

Edward Villiers Rippingille - John Whitmore Isaac

Painting of boy listening to music

Maria Burne - Groovy Tunes

Painting of woman drawing

Edward Villiers Rippingille - Harriet Isaac

Paiting of girl looking at phone while on laptop

Helen Pillinger - Screen Deep

Painting of Bristol street scene

Samuel Colman - St James’s Fair

Colourful party scene with unicorns

Wellbeing Arts - Response to St James’s Fair

Painting of Bristol pub scene

Edward Villiers Rippingille - Inn Scene

Collage of Bristol pub scene in frame made from cans

Dawn E - Bargain over a beer

Painting of dark woodland scene

Francis Danby - River Scene with Weir and Mill

Colourful painting of a river and trees

Wellbeing Arts Southmead group - Response to River Scene with Weir and Mill

Painting of boy fishing

Painting of a tree and children playing beside river

Rob Bridges - A Place to Play

Painting of children playing by stream

Francis Danby - Boys Sailing a Little Boat

Painting of children and dancers in front of sound system in St Pauls, Bristol

Suniti Lee - Response to Boys Sailing a Little Boat

Painting of Biblical scene

William West - The Israelites passing through the Wilderness, preceded by the Pillar of Light

Painting and collage of environment protesters in valley with Bristol houses

Art-Ease group - Rebellion

Painting of Biblical scene

Samuel Colman - The Destruction of Pharoah’s Host

Pastel picture of colourful Biblical scene

John Wooton -The Destruction of the Pharoah’s Host 2019

Painting of Redcliffe St, Bristol

James Johnson - Redcliffe Street, Bristol

Painting and abstract collage of Redcliffe St , Bristol

Jacqueline Braithwaite - Redcliffe Street Past, Present and Future