11 October—1 March 2015

Moved by Conflict: Bristol and the First World War

The First World War changed the lives of people around the world and caused the deaths of millions.

It was a battle between Empires to maintain their power. This is Bristol’s story. It’s not about global politics or the battles fought, but about people’s lives in wartime.

This online exhibition looks at one theme from the larger 2014 exhibition Moved by Conflict – Bristol and the First World War: Lives Changed Forever.

With thanks to exhibition sponsor Sanlam

Fighting, dying and surviving

About 55,000 men from Bristol were engaged in the different theatres of war from Belgium to Egypt. Over 6,000 of them were killed.

Uprooted from their lives, men kept the vital link with home by writing to their families.

Painting depicting soldiers sleeping titled dog tired by christopher nevinson

Dog Tired, Christopher Nevinson (1889-1946) 1916 Oil on canvas

Nevinson originally gave his painting of resting soldiers the ironic title ‘Sprucers’ (slang for slackers). He later retitled the work as public opinion shifted from patriotic enthusiasm to exhaustion. After a period as a volunteer ambulance driver, Nevinson became an official war artist for the War Propaganda Department. K2394