19 October 2019 - 19 April 2020

Do you have an object that influences your life?

Entries are now closed, thanks for sending in your objects.

Are you from Bristol? We want to hear your stories about items that:

  • are particularly important, precious, or irreplaceable to you
  • hold some kind of power or sway over your life or the way you live
  • you treat with reverence or respect

This October at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery we’re opening an exhibition that in part explores the meaningful objects in people’s lives and the effects they have.

We are looking for stories from a diverse range of perspectives and they can be serious, comical, incredible or as everyday as you like. The objects may have particular sentimental attachments, religious significance, or you feel are lucky in some way. The objects don’t need to be beautiful, spectacular, or valuable – no entry is too insignificant.

Some of the stories we receive may be featured in the exhibition itself and others may be shared on our social media channels.

To participate, please fill in and submit the form below along with some good quality images of your object by Friday 30 August.