Island Life: Photographs from the Martin Parr Foundation

Vinca Petersen

Born 1972, Seoul, South Korea, grew up in Romania, Sweden and UK

‘Whether it’s my friends, or raves, or Romanians getting about with a horse and cart, they’ve always been the things that I think are beautiful, that I want to look at.’

Petersen told her family she was going to study art in London but embraced the rave scene instead. Occasional modelling work led to meeting photographer Corinne Day who became a mentor. After squatting and raves were outlawed with the British Criminal Justice Act in 1994, Petersen left for Europe. For ten years she led a traveller-party lifestyle. The 1999 book No System catalogues her journey. After having a baby Petersen returned to Britain, settling in Ramsgate in 2005 and finally completing her art degree. She now works in participatory practice, and established the ‘social sculpture’ project Future Youth.