A Somali Community in Bristol

embellished flash with patterns made from colourful dots

Sayidali came to Bristol from Somalia in 2006. Speaking five languages helps him assist his community.

His voluntary work includes helping Somali women overcome challenges to achieve their goals.

Embellished flasks like this are typically used to contain milk for children in Somalia.

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[00:00:00] [Actuality: “Okay, good afternoon everyone, let’s get started…any for absence?…”]

Sayidali: My name is Sayidali Hassan. I’m from Somalia and I have lived in Bristol for 16 years. Growing up in Somalia was difficult time because, when I was, uh, seven years old, the civil war in Somali has started in 1991. So that you can imagine, suddenly when you lose your houses, your education, schools…

[Newsreel: “…in Somalia, a terrible tragedy is unfolding. War and famine have ravaged the country at its people. It’s feared…”]

Sayidali: When I came here, 2006, my support worker was Refugee Action, an organisation that helped the, uh, new refugee in Bristol. They make me welcome and support. And that time I started voluntary work and that make me to integrate with, uh, Bristol. That make [00:01:00] me, uh, welcome.

[Bicycle gears click] Firstly, I feel home and there’s a lot of green area and I normally explore the museum and the other place I go to is the cycle path. Normally, I cycle between Bristol to Bath. And that is where I love to go.

One thing is very important, uh, education it shape a person and that education make me who I am today and that, uh, make me skills that I can work now. I’m passionate about helping the community. I speak five different languages. [Actuality: Sayidali speaking different languages] And that make me help the new refugee when they come in to the office.

I volunteer the Saturdays with [00:02:00] the locals. And the other thing I do is helping the schools. I’m chair of the governors and that is a lot of responsibility when becoming the chair in the school because I’m responsible for 293 kids to achieve their own goals and their education.

[Actuality: Sayidali speaking in another language]

Three years ago, we set up group that is helping the Somali women to help to achieve their goals. We offer training to fill the gap, what they need. And the other thing we offer is their mentorship. And that mentorship would help working with that woman one to one and help to achieve their goals.

Bristol, the city I love. And I think that the in Bristol I have, uh, a lot of goals [00:03:00] and achievement. I hope in the future, that Bristol will elect the first Somali MP in the UK.