19 May - 30 September 2018

Bristol Music

Bristol is one of the UK’s key ‘music cities’ in the 21st century, emerging as a musical hub since the 1950s with its rich mix of styles, genres and sounds. The creation of these musical cultures and innovations has been driven not only by artists and producers but crucially by the people of Bristol themselves.

M Shed would like to thank Bristol Music sponsors DAC Beachcroft and UWE Bristol.

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In this podcast series, we focus on four specific areas, considering each theme through the prism of the contributors’ own memories and experiences. This collection is at once an introduction to the subject matter as well as a jumping-in point for those who wish to delve deeper into the annals of Bristol’s music history.

Podcast 1 – Illegal waves: Bristol’s pirate stations

Podcast 2 – The sensational 60s!

Podcast 3 - Decibelles: Bristol women making some noise

Podcast 4 – Warehouse parties and illegal raves